Child Safety Online


Internet and Social Media sites are very ADDICTIVE and hugely POPULAR among youths. They have many risks of PRIVACY and other cyber securities where one has to be very CAREFUL about using and understanding their PURPOSE. 

One has to understand that these sites are developed for COMMERCIAL purpose with the intention of REVENUE generation.

These factors may look cool but they are the basic

understand what looks and feel real in internet may not be TRUE.

Internet is just a medium of
COMMUNICATION it is part of our lifestyle but not our LIFE.



                               INTERNET CORE VALUES FOR CHILDREN 

1.    Internet is a means of COMMUNICATION & LEARNING
2.    Internet should be used under SUPERVISION of adults only
3.    STOP endorsing and acknowledging anyone or anything that you DO NOT KNOW
4.    Be FOCUSED  when you use the Internet
5.    If there is any problem or issues ALWAYS TALK with your parents or guardian
6.    Access or being sexually explicit, racist, violent, extremist or other harmful material, either through choice or in error is ALWAYS WRONG
7.    STOP USING Spyware, Viruses and Malware for any purpose in your computer, smartphone, tablet or games console
8.    Always RESPECT your parents TOLERANCE

Risks or Vulnerabilities of Children Online
  • Curiosity and incline of children towards violent, sexual and pornographic content                                                                                                                
  • Understanding the validating process of inaccurate or false information and extreme views
  •   Dealing and facing issues of harmful behaviors including self-harm, anorexia and suicide
  • Being more lively and public by sharing personal information online
  • Actively or unintentionally getting involved in bullying or hurtful behavior


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