Violence Against Women

What is VAW ?

Violence Against Women is any form of online or offline action, expression or gesture towards a woman that indicated any sort of discomfort with sexual or coercion motive against her will in any form of social, cultural or economical practice is VAW.   

Measures After VAW
1.      Confirmation of  the action
2.      Documentation of proof
3.      Counselling
4.      Speaking and talking
5.      Sharing helps to ease the tension
6.      Reporting the Action
7.      Standing ground

Social Media Alert

1.             Tweaking the Privacy Setting
2.             Keeping a check of people who you add and what is visible
3.             Stop Pattern Posting
4.             Keeping a watch of private information 
5.             Stop using social media login in for various other websites
6.             Online|web applications alert
7.             Password safety
8.             Logging in public or free wifi

Link to the Toolkit: VAW Toolkit